Blue Moon Studio

Recording Studios in Oxfordshire

Overview - History

Established in 1995 and located in the heart of North Oxfordshire's beautiful countryside, the studio is set in the gardens of a friendly family home with all amenities (including village pubs!) within a few yards.

The studio owner and resident Engineer aims to provide a relaxed and informal recording environment with advice and help on offer to those artists with less studio experience.

The studio provides for everything from rock, indie and metal bands, classical and jazz ensembles, acoustic, traditional and world music artists to voice-overs and film and television soundtracks and location recordings. In all cases, the studio aims to achieve the highest level of service at the best possible rates.

Flexibility is the key to the approach with all sessions, with service that can extend from simple stereo editing or mastering to a full 24-Track overdub setup, with all possible variations in between.

A large number of locally-based session musicians, arrangers, programmers and musical coaches are available for hire, if required.