Blue Moon Studio

Recording Studios in Oxfordshire

Studio Specifications

Live Room
CAD-designed (312 sq. ft.) incorporating a glass fronted Drum Booth (60 sq. ft.) with a good supply of natural daylight with pleasant garden views!

Control Room
CAD-designed (162 sq. ft.) with a good supply of natural daylight and even more pleasant garden views!

Soundcraft ghost LE 24/8/2 analogue
Mackie MCU Pro Digital

UAD Apollo Quad interface. ProTools 9 on Mac Pro 8-core CPU - up to 64-track recording / editing (parameters can be adjusted up to 24-bit/ 96 kHz sampling rates, according to your project's requirements). Fostex D2424LV 24/56-track hard disk multitrack recorder(up to 24-bit / 96kHz rates). Tascam DA20 DAT recorder. HHB CDR-850 Professional CD-R Burner.

ProTools 9 / UAD Studer A800 tape, Neve 88RS analogue channel strip, EMT 140 plate reverb, Lexicon 224 digital reverb/Echoplex Tape Echo/Lexicon PCM Native Bundle Reverbs/Sony Oxford Reverb, Inflator and Limiter plug-ins/Softube Trident A-Range equalisers/TL Space Convolution Reverbs/Digidesign Reel Tape Flanger/Delay/Saturation plug-ins/Digidesign Fairchild 660 and 670 valve limiter plug-ins/JoeMeek compressors - equalisers/Antares Autotune 4/Wavemachine Labs Drumagog V.4, (including the superb Steven Slate Drums samples), McDowell Channel G classic desk channels/ML4000 Multi-band Mastering Compressor/Limiter, NI Guitar Rig 4 Pro Kontrol/PodFarm/IK Ampeg SVX guitar/bass amp system plug-ins/various NI software instruments, including the gorgeous Steinway D acoustic piano samples, IK Multimedia's Vintage Valve (Pultec) and T-Racks 3 Classic EQ plug-ins/Steven Slate RC Tube Virtual Console/Cytonic The Glue compressors...and much, much more - just ask!

AMS Neve 1073DPD dual pre-amplifier; Lexicon PCM 81 Digital Multi FX;
Mind Print T-Comp 2-channel valve compressor; TL Audio V8 Valve Interface; Aphex C2 2-channel Aural Exciter.

MICS: Capacitor
x1 Neumann TLM 103 (cardioid)
x1 AKG C414B-XLS (cardioid/wide cardioid/hypercardioid/omni/figure-of-eight)
x1 Microtech Gefell UM 70S (cardioid / omni / figure-of-eight)
x2 AKG C451B (cardioid)

MICS: Dynamic
x1 Beyer M201 (hypercardioid)
x1 Electrovoice N/D868 (cardioid)
x4 Sennheiser E603 (cardioid)
x5 AKG D190 (cardioid)
x1 Shure SM57 (cardioid)
x2 Shure SM58 (cardioid)
x2 Apex 380 (hypercardioid)